To blog or not to blog?

When people talk of blogging I think ‘That’s something I should could do’. Then I forget all about it and I usually procrastinate from actually getting down to it. And the reasons for this reluctance are numerous, but suffice it to say that (1) it is time-consuming and (2) there are so many blogs out there that mine would be just another one on the heap…Then the question ‘Who would read my blog?’ popped into my head… but after some thought I decided that I would try to be part of the heap and spend less time ‘lurking’ (as Beyza Yilmaz made me realise).

My next question was ‘What do I write about?’ There are so many relevant topics under the sun that choosing one over the other would be too reductive. So why not combine two of my greatest interests and passions : travelling and fashion?

I will at least try to do so, so this is going to seem experimental at first and I hope not too sketchy. Will I post about fashion week or trends? Well, I think I will leave that in more professional hands. So what will I try to do in this blog in diary form is to note down my observations on my travels (such as interesting places to visit, restaurants to try out, and other tips). In the case of fashion I will try to come up with my own take on trends. If interested, watch out for this space πŸ™‚


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