Royal style and household names

On a recent visit to the UK I came across some shops whose brands have now become synonymous with one of today’s style icons. I’m obviously referring to the Duchess of Cambridge, whose classical and elegant sense of style has inspired many of us to follow in her footsteps (almost literally – has anyone bought or thought of getting hold of a pair of nude heels that have become one of her trademark looks?). It is also no secret that Princess Kate has a soft spot for high street stores like Zara and Topshop. It has almost become de rigueur to come across her name in the same sentence as L.K. Bennett and Reiss (incidentally, the heels mentioned earlier are L.K. Bennett). Her shopping preferences have led to online stores crashing and interminable queues outside these shops. So in this brief post are some images of what these the last two household names have in store for the current season. The first three photos are L.K. Bennett and the other three are Reiss. Happy shopping!

20130512-163937.jpg 20130512-164040.jpg 20130512-164149.jpg

20130512-164243.jpg 20130512-164318.jpg 20130512-164335.jpg


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