Mvintage : something vintage for everyone

The first time I came across the name Mvintage was in a well-known blog Boffism, where Lara Boffa showcased one of the bracelets that left quite an impact: the tag curb design. So I popped over on a Friday morning, which happened to be a sunny summer day and a public holiday. I was welcomed by the lovely Krystle (Penza), creator and founder of her bespoke kiosk located at The Point (Malta, The Point, level -1). Every piece is eye-catching and original – from dainty bracelets to chunky cuffs, from classic necklaces to edgier ones, there is something different to match various tastes. Then there are the earrings which can make a striking impression on their own. Finally one must not forget the rings, some of which match particular bracelets and necklaces to form a set. I was interested in the gold metal cuff, as I had been looking for one for quite a while. The tag curb bracelet was equally on my wish-list. So next time you have an occasion (such as a wedding or an important dinner) and are looking for that something special to complete your outfit, skip the usual stores that sell accessories aplenty and opt for that fashion statement piece that one does not commonly come across. Additionally, you can visit the Facebook page and order online, whether or not you reside in Malta (delivery is FREE worldwide) so it’s easy as pie.

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1 thought on “Mvintage : something vintage for everyone

  1. Maureen O'Danu 14/06/2013 — 3:18 pm

    Beautiful stuff! I’m going to have to check them out. Thank you!

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