Trending: Americana, Prints, and Zany Colours @ Forever 21, Seoul

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I have been a fan of Forever 21 since my visit to New York and Toronto and luckily there is a store right in the middle of Oxford Street, London, so I pop over whenever I am in the bustling UK capital. So you can imagine how chuffed I was to find it in Seoul, South Korea – the area of Myeong-dong. The latter is famed for being one of the most sought-after locations for shopping so as per logic, Forever 21 is massive here. I was piqued by the interesting fascination with American-inspired clothing but hey, it is after all well-known that the Koreans (and the Japanese) are quite fashion-forward when it comes to setting the trends.


Helloo Harrison Ford and American-stars short shorts – revival of the 90s;


Red, white & blue: America-flag print shorts


Cue Betty Boop + Aztec-style vest

I have contrasted the above with printed pants and citrus colours of the moment:


Tropical pants, oranges and lemons


And finally, one of my favourite pieces – the drop-hem dress (picked one for myself 🙂 )

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