Interview with Lara Boffa, aka Boffism


Planning an interview with Lara had been on my agenda for quite a while. Yet the timing couldn’t have been more favourable as I could focus on and combine the three equally fascinating facets in Lara’s jet-setting life, namely blogging, travel and lifestyle. The lovely Lara was very forthcoming in taking up my invitation so here I also take the opportunity to publicly extend my thank you to Lara.


I shall preface this interview with a bio note on Lara (from Boffism’s about section), though for those who are familiar with Boffism, no introduction is necessary:

 My name is Lara Boffa and I’ve been making a great out of ‘dressing up’ for as long as I can remember. I’m a disgustingly morning person who loves Paris and anything French (including croissants and macaroons). Sometimes I pretend my life is being directed by Sofia Coppola and I pretty much have a song for every situation imaginable. I travel a lot but I’m not good at packing. I wear polka dots and white shirts almost every day. I’m self-centred enough to think my life is so interesting that I just have to share it with everyone.

In this interview I ask Lara about her life choices on living abroad and on Boffism Fitness. Naturally, the interview would not be complete without some questions on her mantra of personal style and fashion. So here goes!

1. Talk about your experience of moving abroad. What motivated you to make this decision?

I decided to move abroad for a lot of reasons. I always wanted to explore the world outside of my country, especially since I felt like I had to ‘grow up’ a lot as a person. Moreover, I also became aware it was easier for me to get to work in Belgium from the UK than it was from here in Malta, and since I had just started my new job I decided to do myself a favour and take the easier option.

 What has this experience given you so far?

Well it has given me a lot. I feel like I can deal with unpredictable situations much better and I learnt to take responsibility for my decisions.



2. What advice would you recommend for someone who intends to move abroad?

 Firstly, if you feel a strong urge to do it, go for it. Take a few precautions though. For instance, make sure you move into a safe area, don’t be too ambitious with the rent you are paying, make sure you are financially able to sustain yourself for a couple of months. Also, if you are moving in with someone, make sure you’re confident about the decision and be prepared for what could go wrong!


 3. You have recently launched Boffism Fitness. What has motivated you to do it?

 Well, I’ve always been a very active person, especially during the 9 years I spent dancing every single day. However, lately, due to my very busy life I’ve been slacking a lot more than I wish I had. So I decided to restore that interest I had before and share it with my online audience. That is why Boffism Fitness was born.

 healthy snacks

4. What advice do you give to someone who travels regularly and would like to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

 To avoid snacking on carbs and to prepare as many healthy snacks as possible. Fruit, vegetables to munch on, salads…the key is to have things prepared so as not to fall into temptation.


5. Let’s talk about fashion and style. What three words describe you?

Difficult one. I always find this hard to answer. Probably, ‘classic’, ‘minimal’ but ‘fun.’




6. Who are your style icons these days?

I always stick to the same few. Audrey Hepburn, Lana del Rey, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Florence Welch, and Paloma Faith.

 style icons

7. What’s on your wishlist this month?

A lot of pretty dresses to help me survive the heat!


8. Are there any trends, pieces or colours that you think could become a hit in 2014?

Well we’ve only seen the Fall/Winter collections for 2013 and 2014 yet and they have shown a strong inclination towards turtlenecks, classic prints and green. Boffism likes that.


9. What colours / patterns would we never catch you in?

I like to say ‘never say never’. I tend to stick to the same colours like white, beige and soft pastels but sometimes I take an unpredictable turn and go for orange. If a particular piece speaks to me, I have to act on it and add it to my collection. So it really depends on every particular piece. One thing to be sure about is that you’ll see me in polka dots!




10. Finally, if you had to save three items from a fire, what would they be and why?

A good white shirt, black pants and a gold necklace. Always work and great basics to start with when restocking a new wardrobe!     



Hope you enjoyed reading this interview! 

S  xxx


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