Street Style: Takeshita Dori, Tokyo

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What is Tokyo street style all about? My perception of it was better shaped by a couple of walks down (and up again) Takeshita Dori, better known for Harajuku Style. After all, Takeshita is located in the very frenetic area of Harajuku, where Japanese tradition collides with a quickened love of all things American/European – very palpable in the locals’ choice of clothing, as well as in the shops where (some of) their trademark style comes from. Big names here, as in Seoul (see in previous post here ), are Forever 21, H&M, and Zara. Takeshita Street however is also dotted with these cutesy and quirky boutiques that in spite of their small size exude character and leave a lasting impression. (I will follow this post by sharing with you a look at some of these shops).

So on one of these trips to Takeshita I decided to snap some photos of what some women were wearing on the day. Actually I did not choose to alight on the punk/grunge/bohemian Harajuku looks but I just went with the flow. What caught my eye was the nonchalance of these women channeling their creative style yet looking so put together, their outfits giving the impression of being spontaneous and planned at the same time; all in all, to me their look was chic yet functional but you can also be the judge!

First up are Miri and Yuri, who I met waiting in a very long queue (apparently trying to get in a very popular restaurant). Miri’s dress is from Forever 21 while Yuri’s cobalt blue pants is from Zara. Miri’s bag (Japanese brand: Ank Rouge ) also caught my attention and cemented my impression that bows are big in Japan.

IMG_7057    IMG_7058

Next up is Jenny who spoke English with quite an American accent – she explained that her clothes are from Hong Kong and Singapore so it seems she is quite the traveller. I loved her hat (though yours truly doesn’t wear hats that often) and when I asked her about it she exclaimed, ‘I just bought it round the corner!’ Such spontaneity and yet it perfected her outfit, even complementing the colour scheme! Then I met Yoko whose style was effortless cool. I felt she could take the drop-hem dress – from H&M- from night to day (or day to night) so easily, just by adding a tan bag and throwing on an understated but playful necklace.

IMG_7061   IMG_7062

Last but not least are Saju and Kanu who both opted for a striped pattern: while Saju chose a lazercut vertical-striped pencil skirt, Kanu flowed in a maxi horizontal-striped dress and kimono-style top. One can never get bored of stripes – though their striped shapes contrasted it felt so seamless and neat without being too matchy-matchy. Their clothes are from Gap and local stores.


Hope you liked these styles! Feel free to share your thoughts or street style here!

S xxx

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