End of Summer 2013 #1

To wave goodbye albeit sadly to summer 2013, which was one of the most eventful and memorable for yours truly, I thought of collating and sharing a few pics of certain key pieces that were on sale at the end of this hot season. The location of the stores was Tokyo, Japan. To be more exact I headed towards Shibuya (which has one of the busiest metro stations in the world), where there is a famous department store of the same name, or rather Shibuya 109. To read more about this incredible and, please note, women-only shopping minefield see here. The items selected here are a mixture of tops, bags, and shoes, though I must say that the Japanese women truly love a dress and as I prefer then myself I will add another mini-post to this, dedicated entirely to the more feminine piece of attire.

Some tops first:

IMG_7085    IMG_7091    IMG_7114   IMG_7115

What struck me most is the creativity (note that look-at-me sunglasses for example). It also seems that the Japanese love love love New York as I could see many tops and other items with New York printed on them.

Next up are the shoes and the bags:

IMG_7089 IMG_7096 IMG_7090 IMG_7106

From flats to leopard, from chunky heels to neon, the choice of footwear was vast. As for the bags, the Japanese dare to bare sling some garrish arm candy or else opt for the striped Cecil McBee piece which I saw quite often around Tokyo. I particularly liked the Frequent Flyer Bag which says much about the nature of my travels.

As I said earlier, if you want to proceed to the dresses look for the next post.

To be continued…




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