End of Summer 2013 #2

Following the previous post about the end of the summer season, this is a continuation focusing on dresses as previewed. Once more the location was Shibuya 109 in Tokyo, Japan.

The first frock that caught my attention was the kisses-patterned dress and its combination of colours. Very daring but ladylike nonetheless.
Contrasting the first item, this dress is more demure and the white lace pattern is not too overdone as it is offset by the black band cinching the waist.
Although too short for my taste, the colour and pattern looked very sophisticated and I could have easily imagined it on someone like Blair in ‘Gossip Girl’.
This on the other hand is more work appropriate and probably suitable for the professional Japanese woman. As can be noted there are more of the same style in different colours so it could be tempting to get one for five working days (kind of having a dress uniform).
The dress on the mannequin (standing up) reminded me of Vuitton’s checkerboard pattern. This piece was also offered in different colour combinations though the one at the centre stands out more. It has a satiny effect and can take you from day to night easily.
At a first glance it looks yet another peplum dress but in fact it is a top connected with a skirt of the same colour by means of a criss-cross rope-like design. This might be quite an original take on the peplum, but what do you think of this piece? Yay or nay?
This store, called Pinky Girl, was awash with girlish dresses which might not look good on just anyone, but would on the many Japanese young ladies I saw shopping around; they are indeed made for them.
One could say this dress is the pièce de résistance of this post. Everything, from the collar to the sleeves, to the cute black flowers on the white base, make the dress striking and simple at the same time.

Over to you readers, what do you think of the Japanese style? Which are your favourites pieces (from both posts — see other post here).




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