Preparing for A/W 2013/14

Location: St Petersburg, Russia.
It seems that the temperature here in Malta is still resistant to the dreary cold of winter – so let’s enjoy it while we can. Meanwhile other countries have already started experiencing a stark drop and they have indeed been preparing for it even from the warmer month of August. Here is a selection of items that I took in the New Look store that I was pleased to find in this enormous department complex called Galeria. In fact some of the items (such as the shoes) are now available in New Look (Malta).



Of spots and stripes – these patterns have each become a staple must-have in many a woman’s wardrobe.
Bright red & cobalt blue – let’s brighten up those gloomy winter morns! Add some leather for good measure.
These loafers/creepers seem to be the ‘in’ choice of comfy footwear but I’m not too sure – yay or nay?
Now these are my kind of shoes / heels. I’ve got a pair similar to the black & beige pointed heel but the tip is cobalt blue.
Lady in red – add a sophisticated red heel (I prefer the one in the middle) and your outfit is complete!
A selection of clutches / envelopes in different colours and styles – which one would you choose?
Another ‘new’ kid on the block: the stiletto ankle boot in suede… to add some pop culture to your pair of jeans.
Who said that grey and blue are only associated with sky and sadness (as in having the blues)? Combine them together against a neutral black and you’ve instantly created a striking look.
For a drop in temperature, just throw on one of these jackets and a snood. One of those lazy days right?
Or if you want to be more on trend without giving up on being warm, then a brown leather jacket will do. Plus the colour combos here are just right – it’s like thinking outside the box (especially with that mustard satchel!).

Style in Transit


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