One dress: 4 Ways to Style it – The Tartan Dress

The topic of my blog came up in a recent conversation. It is still in its infancy but, thanks to those out there who take the time to read my posts, it is doing well do far. Anyhow… during this conversation, my attention was drawn to a comment, that I could give some suggestions on how to wear certain items of clothing. Now I am no stylist and I do not put up the pretence to be one but I have thought of answering this comment by taking one item of clothing and creating different looks for it. So as the signature item I chose a tartan dress which is a must-have this season.

The first look I call rock chic because it combines the right dose of biker with a degree of femininity that is inherent in the dress. I tried not to put in too many studs so the jacket on the right is not to be accessorized with the bag on the left. In fact I have set the items in such a way that you have two ready-made outfits.

Rock the boat

For the second outfit I threw in a shirt underneath the dress to change up how it looks. The setting for these two combinations is the office or the workplace. The colours in the dress are red and black so you can play around with the jacket, bags and shoes. Since I have added a white base (but that is optional) you can also consider a pair of white pumps.

Boardroom meeting time!

Who said you cannot wear a dress at uni? When I was studying for my M.Ed degree and I had evening lectures I used to love wearing dresses, especially for presentations. It looks so professional and you give yourself an instant boost of confidence instead of always wearing a slouchy sweater and a pair of jeans. You can wrap up with a long cardi if you want to tone down the level of formality, or go for semi-casual with the black top with a pointed collar. As for shoes, heeled brogues or ankle boots should do it (so avoid flat brogues if height is an issue). If you prefer heels, make sure you can move around in them comfortably during your presentation.

Presentation at Uni!

The last outfit is typically worn at the weekend or for a night out on the town. So you can actually take this dress from boardroom to date night by removing the shirt, and swapping the briefcase and blazer for a more compact bag and classier jackets. Think brocade or velvet for the latter, and minimalist or quilted shoulder bags for the former. As for the shoes, patent heels ooze opulence without being OTT.

Date night

So I hope you like this selection and drop a line if you want me to create other looks with staple items such as in this post.


Style in Transit


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