A Night at the Opera

photo-6   2013-10-26 16.31.41

October was opera month and it was a double Verdi bill. On 12th October, Teatru Aurora in Gozo opened its doors for the new season. An adaptation of Falstaff (based on Shakespeare’s play) was chosen to honour Verdi. Then it was Teatru Astra’s turn on 26 October with Othello (yet another Shakespearean masterpiece). I enjoyed both operas though my favourite was Othello, for various reasons. I always look forward to going over to our neighbour island for a night of culture and music and in October it’s ideal as the weather tends to be mild – in this case it was still quite warm. Anyway, on to the outfits that I chose to wear for these two occasions.

For Falstaff I went for a velvet and brocade pattern on a wine-hued red dress.

2013-11-10 11.51.38   IMG_2777
Outfit 1: dress – bought from Galeria Department Store (St Petersburg); shoes – Marks and Spencer; bag: Chanel; necklace: Oasis

For Othello I went for a more lavish look by donning a little black dress adorned with gold and silver sequins. I am not too keen on sequins usually but the fit of this dress was just right for me so I felt that they could do no harm.

2013-11-10 11.58.14 2013-11-10 11.58.22

Outfit 2: dress – bought from Galeria Department Store (St Petersburg); shoes and bag (same as above)

I decided to stick to the same pair of shoes (for both nights) as the M&S pumps blend comfort and style without having to compromise on either. As for the bag, it was time to take out my favourite for these two nights out on the town. To accessorize I went for one key piece in each outfit, one them being my new Michael Kors watch (in art deco style).

2013-07-28 17.10.17 IMG_2444 2013-11-10 11.48.20

Accessorize it: bag – Chanel; watch – Michael Kors (from Gaba Malta); shoes – Marks and Spencer


3 thoughts on “A Night at the Opera

  1. lady.with.no.name 12/11/2013 — 7:59 pm

    I love your outfits! Especially thr girst one! Gorgeous dress! xx

    1. lady.with.no.name 12/11/2013 — 8:00 pm

      *the first one lol x

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