The Pink Fashion Show

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2007-03-11 10.45.08 2007-03-11 10.56.32

As a roster of fashion enthusiasts, bloggers, models, and distinguished guests milled around, the Pink Fashion Show was set to begin. The location, the Malta Aviation Museum, was selected aptly to embody the 1940s aura of ageless sophistication mastered by Veronica Lake, who was an inspiration behind the looks. These were carefully crafted and curated under the watchful eyes and capable hands of Marisa Grima, a doyenne of fashion styling in Malta. Together with Marisa, an uber-stylish team worked on the catwalk looks behind the scenes, including Caroline Paris (stylist), and Shasha Fabri (in charge of the luscious make-up).

Prior to the show kicking off, a siren reminiscent of wartime rang to announce the flurry of models walking down the runway. With every look and clothes item showcasing the various brands on for the night, the audience was enraptured by the aplomb of the outfits that seemed to form one cohesive unit: from tartan to tweed-like ensembles, from dreamy lace to exquisite velvet, the materials were as sumptuous as the colours. Predominant among the hues of the first ever Pink Fashion Show were different shades of burgundy (set to be huge this winter), soft creams and whites, midnight blue and striking yellows (a couple of dresses set against a yellow background immediately reminded me of Klimt’s paintings).

All in all, the vision behind this show emerged elegantly: the idea of a revival of the 40s infused with a post-contemporary pragmatism. It’s not merely about fashion; it’s also about women navigating life’s challenges attired in bold and assertive pieces. Thumbs up to the designers and brands, as well as to the organisers of this event, for pushing the envelope of tradition while bringing freshness and relevance to today’s modern woman’s wardrobe.

Clothes, shoes and bags exhibited by the following brands: Armani Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, Max&Co, Monsoon, Coccinelle, Marks and Spencer, Guess, Sarto (with Blumarine), and Aldo Shoes.

2007-03-11 11.32.59 2007-03-11 11.33.47 2007-03-11 11.37.34 2007-03-11 11.39.18 2007-03-11 11.39.58 2007-03-11 11.40.42 2007-03-11 11.41.07 2007-03-11 11.41.28 2007-03-11 11.41.53 2007-03-11 11.42.17 2007-03-11 11.42.50 2007-03-11 11.43.26 2007-03-11 11.44.23 2007-03-11 11.44.49 2007-03-11 11.47.19 2007-03-11 11.45.30 2007-03-11 11.47.52 2007-03-11 11.51.30 2007-03-11 11.51.502007-03-11 11.54.33  2007-03-11 11.59.04 2007-03-11 11.59.51 2007-03-11 12.02.29 2007-03-11 12.03.09 2007-03-11 12.03.21 2007-03-11 12.03.44 2007-03-11 12.05.20 2007-03-11 12.10.31 2007-03-11 12.18.06 2007-03-11 12.19.01 2007-03-11 12.18.38 2007-03-11 12.21.15 2007-03-11 12.20.03 2007-03-11 12.22.43 2007-03-11 12.22.04 2007-03-11 12.25.15 2007-03-11 12.26.26 2007-03-11 12.26.11


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