A Match Made in Mango

As you might have guessed from the title, Mango is one of my favourite go-to stores when I need something classic and edgy at the same time. When I came across this military-style dress I immediately knew that I needed would have liked it to grace my wardrobe and join my collection of dresses. The demand for it soared when I saw it in the Mango catalogue and ads (this was last season so it was Kate Moss endorsing Mango). I have worn it many times and I must say that its quality and tailoring make it good value for money; its design is also what I really love (with a bit of a sleeve and epaulets on the shoulder, the black and military green combination is effective especially around the waist, which seems to be cinched). Morever, the soft and sleek lining underneath meant that I could wear it to go shopping on a Saturday afternoon (9 Nov) With my weather app indicating it was 20something degrees, I could easily wear it through to dinner. I usually wear it to work but if the temperature tends to rise then it can feel quite heavy (again, due to the lining). For the first time in a long time I felt that the weather was perfect to wear this dress. I stayed away from a black bag (too dark) plus I needed a tote to carry my stuff so I opted for my Mango carry-all (I have a matching wallet – both were welcome gifts all the way from Vienna). I also felt like wearing a pair of tan boots as they are sturdy and the heel is ideal for walking around the shops.

IMG_2800 IMG_2804

IMG_2812     article-2195717-14C01941000005DC-688_470x719

OOTD: dress – Mango (Mango.com – online); tote – Mango (Vienna); wallet – Mango (Vienna); watch – Fossil (gift; Austria); tag curb bracelet – MVintage (Malta); boots – Xus (Malta)

p.s. I included the image from Mango’s catalogue to get a better idea of the colour of the dress.

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