Visiting Museums and other Attractions in Style

Basically Artistic

Whenever I am fortunate enough to idle away pleasant hours in museums or cultural attractions around the world, I observe something else apart from the magnificent and historical works of art that are exhibited. My eyes occasionally alight on what some of the female patrons of these establishments would be wearing. So this post, entitled Visiting Museums and other Attractions in Style, is actually a prelude to a mini-series on What to wear to museums or cultural attractions. The choice of clothing will invariably depend on certain aspects, such as the weather (they tend to be quite warm in winter due to central heating, and cooler in summer). The outfits I suggest are therefore for winter. Another point is choice of footwear; comfort is the top priority and believe me, visiting the largest museums will mean walking for at least 3 hours (with reasonable breaks, of course). So as you will see, heels will be selected carefully to be practical.

One other thing: security checks. Some of you might not be aware of this but since we’re living in a post 9/11 world, all major museums have started to resemble airport control at the entrance where you have to walk through a body scanner, and your bags either go through an x-ray machine or are checked manually by security officers. This means two things: 1. do not overload on the accessories (as this might trigger off the machines and you will asked to remove all of them); and 2. stick to a reasonably-sized bag (they do not usually check handbags or smaller ones). The size of the bag is also important if you decide not to deposit it in the lockers/cloakroom/bag deposit. Some museums don’t have these facilities so it is better to avoid bulky bags that can be very tiring to lug around. As for the jackets, if it is bracing and unbearably cold, then a coat is non-negotiable so you would be comfortable if you have something lighter underneath such as a shirt or sweater as long as the latter isn’t too warm (e.g. very thickest woolens).

So before I begin this mini-series which will be a combination of travel and style, I will leave you with a selection of pics of some of the cities I visited:

Wales & Venice 2010 625
Venice, Italy
Rome, Italy
Stockholm, Sweden
Paris 068
Paris, France
London, England
New York, USA
Graz, Austria
Cordoba, Spain
Valencia, Spain
Beijing, China
Shanghai, China
Seoul, South Korea
Tokyo, Japan

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