Visiting Museums and Attractions in Style #1 : From Russia with Love

They say travel broadens the mind. While I agree, I do think that it is traveling to places infused with history and culture that can help one appreciate and understand the remarkable work of the human mind, and of the hand. In this case, the ability to bestow upon us magnificent works of art either in the form of paintings or as architectural gems. The kind of buildings that make you wish you had to the ability to take photos with your eyes and imprint the images in your mind thereafter. I had many experiences of this nature but two specific cities beckoned for posterity by clicking away (the camera in this case) and bringing back with me not only visual reminders but also fond memories. These are St Petersburg and Moscow, where I spent hours and days hopping from lavish museums to palaces, enjoying gardens and river cruises, sipping tea in quaint coffee shops and tasting different cuisines in welcoming eateries. Let us not forget the stylish looks put together impeccably by certain women observed during many a session of people watching (particularly in St Petersburg). The sober simplicity of their outfits was somehow complemented by bold accessories; dressing this way for many of these young women is similar to making a statement – to be restrained yet equally arresting, to look one’s best without trying too hard. This post, the first in a mini-series on visiting attractions in style, takes a leaf out of these women’s pages by suggesting a few looks to try out. Accompanying the outfits are photos of favourite sights.

Outfit 1: Museum hopping; Outfit 2: a morning touring palaces; Outfit 3: change for dinner / drinks; Outfit 4: Art Gallery and the theatre.

Cold on the front; warm inside    Clean & Linear

Sleek & Warm    Tough/Soft Burgundy


1. St Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow
2. The Kremlin, Moscow
3. Around the Red Square, Moscow
4. One of the bustling streets for restaurants / cafes
5. Snacks and Drinks, Moscow
6. Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow
7. Kuskovo Palace (outside central Moscow)
8. The Hermitage – The Winter Palace, St Petersburg
9. Outside the Winter Palace, St Petersburg;
10 The interior of the Hermitage
11 The interior of the Hermitage
12 The interior of the Hermitage
13 The interior of the Hermitage
14. The Knights of St John’s throne at the Hermitage
15. The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, St Petersburg
16. Watching Tosca at the Mariinsky Theatre, St Petersburg
17. St Petersburg by night (after a river cruise)

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