Visiting Museums and Attractions in Style #2: Christmas Markets and Yuletide Cheer

As the second installment of the Visiting Series, I chose to deviate slightly from museums and to focus on the current attraction at this time of the year: celebrating Christmas. While most of us associate Christmas with family time, warm dinners and unwrapping gifts, there is another dimension bound to bring joy to children and adults alike: going yonder than one’s house to get a sample of how Christmas is celebrated away from our shores. Major cities are fast preparing to usher in the New Year and wave goodbye to the one that is now coming to an end, but before we get to that point there is a thing or two that one can do to partake of the Christmas spirit and cheer in some of these destinations. Church going (whether for masses, choir singing or just for sightseeing purposes) is special around this time, particularly with adornments such as cribs. Going around the squares or city streets is a treat in itself owing to eye-catching decorations and the ubiquitous Christmas tree. In Central Europe it is also very likely to come across numerous Christmas Markets selling just about anything from cakes and sweets to fine handmade decorations, from local delicacies to various household objects that make the perfect gift. Now it can be quite chilly and bracing to go around the streets because let’s face it, most of the time one will be outdoors. So these items and outfits are suggested to keep warm primarily without losing a touch of style.

Item 1 The Xmas Sweater   Xmas Sweater

The Coat  Matching the Coat

DSCF8575 DSCF8577 DSCF8578 DSCF8579 DSCF8581 photo-6 photo-8 photo-7 photo-9 photo-10 photo-11 photo-12

Pictures 1-5 : Graz, Austria

Pictures 6-12: Strasbourg, France

Happy Christmas!


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