Coming up: #Favourites

Taking a break from the mini-series What to Wear to Cultural Attractions, I decided to shift my attention to a set of posts on Favourites. The reason for this is that during the months of January and February there’s always a dry spell in terms of travel. That explains why there haven’t been many posts lately, apart from the more obvious reasons – the intense workload and week after week of getting many other things done priorities sorted out. However, I do have other destinations to include in my mini-series so that will resume eventually.

Meanwhile, the Favourites posts will focus on staple pieces that have come into my possession, some of which are indeed purchases from my travels abroad (so there’s still the link with travel). The posts will resemble the popular and ubiquitous Hauls that are the domain of many bloggers, but I will try to categorize the items according to types of Favourites. Anyway, so that’s the prologue and the side-note to the upcoming posts, so watch this spot!

p.s. most of the items that will be in the Favourites I actually got from Munich, so I’m closing off this preamble with some pics from this lovely city (another one added to the list!) :

IMG_0334 IMG_0344 IMG_0346 IMG_0376 IMG_0425 IMG_0468 IMG_0484 IMG_0543


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