#Favourites 1: Chunky Knits

So as previewed earlier, this is a Favourites post – the first one actually. It features chunky patterned knits – aka warm sweaters – that have been on my to-buy list since the beginning of winter. Although the cold pinch of winter is easing off here in Malta, there are still a couple of weeks to go in which I can pull out ad hoc looks mixing fun and flair with these items. Plus, I can combine one with a shirt without having to bother about a jacket (at least in the morning and early afternoon). Anyway, the great thing about these sweaters is that they are so versatile – you can go for a laid-back look (maybe with a pointed shirt and a pair of jeans) or a more professional/preppy one (try a pencil skirt and sleek black boots). If I have an early morning start to the day it just takes five minutes to figure out what to wear with these dependable woolens. One thing I did keep in mind when choosing them was that I checked that the shape was not too chunky – I am not too keen on oversize clothing – but in this case I did not have to compromise style for fit. Below are the sweaters I got hold of in Munich and a couple of outfit ideas:

2014-02-17 18.10.52
Houndstooth and Tartan knits (Pimkie)
2014-02-17 18.19.29
Tartan knit on pencil skirt and black shirt (Orsay), boots (leather; Gallarija Darmanin Malta)
2014-02-17 18.12.52
Animal Print and Dotted sweaters (Pimkie)
2014-02-17 18.12.58
Neck detail on dotted sweater
2014-02-17 18.13.05
Neck detail on animal print sweater
2014-02-17 18.15.32
Dotted sweater on jeans (Levi’s) and denim shirt (Orsay)
2014-02-17 18.15.55
Tan ankle boots (New Look, Malta)
2014-02-12 18.14.43
Fair Isle-style knit and pink pastel cable knit (H&M)

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