#Favourites 3: Denim-on-denim & leather-on-denim

For my third post on the Favourites section, I decided to focus on the denim trend that was has been all over the place and hopefully will continue to be so in spring as soon as we’ll start shedding off some layers of clothing. I haven’t yet tried denim-on-denim (as in the shirt on jeans or the denim jacket on jeans – not all together mind you!) because it’s been quite cold lately; meanwhile I tried matching the items to create potential outfits as seen below. The moto jacket, the pair of jeans, the denim jacket and the Chelsea boots I got from Munich, while the rest are from Malta.

  • Picture 1: denim jacket – Tally Weijl (Munich) denim shirt – Orsay; jeans –Ā Levi’s
  • Picture 2: Detail on denim shirt (studs)
  • Picture 3: denim jacket (cropped)
  • Picture 4: moto jacket – H&M; Chelsea boots (in real leather) – Hush Puppies
  • Picture 5: Close look at Moto jacket
  • Pictures 6 & 7: Chelsea boots detail (brogue effect)
  • Pictures 8 & 9: printed shirt – Tally Weijl (Malta)
  • Picture 10: pointed heels (white) – Xus

2014-02-17 18.34.13 2014-02-17 18.33.16 2014-02-17 18.34.01 2014-02-17 18.36.04 2014-02-17 18.37.09 2014-02-17 18.36.20 2014-02-17 18.36.46 2014-02-17 18.40.26 2014-02-17 18.40.48 2014-02-17 18.40.35


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