#Favourites 4: Patterned & Printed

As the cold temperatures seem to be letting up a little and we’re finally heading towards spring and summer, it is probably that time of the year when we have to reorganise our wardrobe and locate those items that we can easily grab, wear, and go. So for this post I’ve selected my favourite patterned and printed long-sleeved lightweight tops that can be paired with practically anything from a pair of jeans to a pencil skirt. Their design allows them to be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and you’ll be out the door in no time. If it’s still a bit nippy then a moto jacket or a blazer should do the trick.

Picture 1: Cut-out, hounsdtooth, and floral prints; Picture 2: Cut-out top in mulberry – Pimkie; Picture 3 – Floral top (orchid – Pantone colour of 2014) –Β Orsay;Β Picture 4: leather heels by Mariamare

Pictures 5-8: Recent acquisitions – all George

Pictures 9-11: Black & grey: lace top – Pimkie; short-sleeved grey top with zip detail at the back, and grey top with white velvet baroque design – both Orsay

2014-02-17 18.45.48 2014-02-17 18.46.06 2014-02-17 18.46.39 2014-02-17 18.46.02 2014-02-17 18.29.53 2014-02-17 18.29.35 2014-02-17 18.29.47 2014-02-17 18.30.41 2014-02-17 18.47.59 2014-02-17 18.48.48 2014-02-17 18.49.33

p.s. The colours are a bit dark (compared to the pastel colours of spring) but I prefer this palette of colours when I need to transition the look from day to night, or simply wear these tops for the evening :p


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