#Favourites 5: Accessories 1.0

An outfit is not completed without a couple of accessories. The latter may complement the clothes’ colour scheme or some details in design. Lately, however, accessorising has become less rigid and trying to match the shoes with the handbag is a huge no-no. Yet I personally do not mind trying to match similar hues on the colour spectrum, especially if the colour in question is a neutral one such as cream or grey. One of my favourite pairings that I have fallen back on a couple of times when I was dashing out or running a tad late in the evenings is my go-to wallet (which I’m finally putting to good use) + animal print heels (which are really comfortable). Another accessory I have been loving lately is the designer watch – it doubles up as eye candy for the hand if there’s no time to wear a bracelet. If it’s a less glam event I opt for my Marc by Marc Jacobs and if the occasion calls for it I slip on my Michael Kors watch. When I do have a few minutes to spare and I want to amp up the look, then I either choose the curb necklace or the hexagon lock bracelet (both stainless steel, classic pieces from Mvintage). I am also looking forward to donning my new Cabochon two-toned turquoise necklace (also Mvintage – see here). Accessories are definitely a girl’s best friend (after diamonds of course)!

2014-02-12 18.56.55 2014-02-12 18.56.24 2014-02-14 19.34.58 2014-02-14 19.30.58 IMG_2444 2013-10-10 12.54.18 2014-04-05 16.43.59 2014-04-05 16.42.39 2014-04-05 16.45.40 2014-04-05 16.46.18 2014-04-05 16.42.52 2014-04-05 16.42.18


Clutch wallet – Guess (Manchester) | Animal print heels – Xus (Malta) | Marc by Marc Jacobs watch (two-toned: rose gold & silver, all stainless steel) – Sterling Jewellers (Malta) | Michael Kors watch (in rose gold, stainless steel) – Gaba (Malta) | Curb necklace, hexagon lock bracelet and Cabochon necklace – all Mvintage

p.s. Nails – by Elaine at Lustful Beauty


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