Event: Do you have the winning Coccinelle key?

2014-04-12 14.40.24

I made my way to Coccinelle in Sliema on a slightly blustery Saturday afternoon to check out their very colourful collection of bags and accessories. There I met some lovely ladies (fellow bloggers) and I also tried my luck at opening one of the boxes (with a bag inside) but to no avail. Instead the women in the store kindly gave me a Coccinelle scarf as a token (last pic). Then I looked around and I must say the bags are a piece of work, no pun intended. The texture and material are both ‘neat’ and not fussy but well-made in real leather (hence the price tag). The bags range from totes and mid-sized bags, to the tinier versions ideal for both day and night. For those who dare or want to add a pop of colour, there are the more striking pinks, blues and yellows. For those of you who are interested in the origins of Coccinelle, I actually did a ‘background’ check. It dates back to 1978 in Parma, Italy, and it is a family affair. That partly explains the understated yet sleek craftmanship. On eyeing the bags closely I noticed the attention to detail in the design. The minimalism and trademark designs enable customers of a Coccinelle piece to own something that is not a fad but a classic in its own way. These pieces include purses and fashion accessories such as scarves and jewellery, iPad cases and passport holders. So here are some photos of the range of products on offer in the Sliema store (Malta).

2014-04-12 14.20.04 2014-04-12 14.25.39 2014-04-12 14.25.10 2014-04-12 14.40.12 2014-04-12 14.40.32 2014-04-12 14.25.54 2014-04-12 14.20.13 2014-04-12 14.26.02 2014-04-12 19.26.48



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