Faith launch at Debenhams

I was cordially invited to Debenhams (The Point, Sliema, Malta) for the launch of the new brand Faith featuring shoes and handbags. As I neared the displays that showcased the pieces on offer, the first thing I noticed was the predominance of colour on the one hand offset nicely by the monochromatic theme of other pieces on the other. The shoes range from pointy flats in distinctive blue, orange or canvas print, to dressy sandals that will probably be ideal for upcoming summer weddings. There are also patent pumps in mint or black, as well as cobalt blue suede or coral-like ones for those of you who prefer a bolder choice of heel. What I really like is the somewhat curved shape of one of the pumps and the soft material of the flats. They surely look very comfortable notwithstanding the height of some of them. Onto the bags. These also range in shapes and colours from dainty clutches to more daring flowery ones (I was tempted to pick up the latter), and from pastel satchels to monochromatic bags. There are also some unfamiliar-looking shapes such as a piece in black or offwhite/cream that looks like a messenger bag but it has a shorter handle with the closure on top. Once again the design of the bags are well-thought out, versatile and will see you into summer. After some deliberation I decided to get myself one of the daintier bags as its shape attracted my attention straight away and it is still roomy even if it does look tiny. So head over to Debenhams if you really would like to add a striking piece to your collection.


2014-04-12 17.28.00 2014-04-12 17.28.05 2014-04-12 17.28.11 2014-04-12 17.28.17 2014-04-12 17.28.46 2014-04-12 17.29.06 2014-04-12 17.29.13 2014-04-12 17.29.52 2014-04-12 17.29.56

2014-04-12 17.30.352014-04-12 17.44.00 2014-04-12 17.30.24 2014-04-12 19.27.39


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