Brief hiatus…

Some. Random. Thoughts…
So as you might have noticed I haven’t blogged of late – I do feel bad about this as I’m trying to do ‘thing’ this more regularly.
Moving on… after my arrival from the highly successful trip to Italy (I’ll try to dedicate a post to that), I have resumed my work/research commitments which are not as many as before, but are surprisingly proving to be equally demanding – hence the hiatus…
Just in time before Fashion Week kicks off which is in 2 days’ time (Saturday 24 May) – though it “unofficially” begins for me on Thursday 22 (launch party at Medasia which I’m so looking forward to!)
I’m so enthused and excited because this year – mini drum roll!- I am going to be part of #MFWA2014 (which is the hashtag for Twitter by the way) as a fashion blogger and I’ve got my media pass :-). There will be 34 of us (an encouraging lovely number in the burgeoning and biggest fashion event in Malta) and we’ve been granted prime time FROW seats (Thank you Adrian and Pierre)!!

photo 1 photo 2

(Our passes came in mini coloured bags similar to the Longchamp one; nails are by Elaine @ Lustful Beauty salon).

Anyhow… So what have I been up to in the blogging world?
I attended Fashion Night Out (Thursday 15 May) and met many awesome bloggers during the Fashion Week meeting (Friday 17 May).
I have also ordered some business cards which should come in handy (if I receive them in time for the events hm…).
I have finally secured my blog domain to which sounds better. And I have invested in a decent camera.

Time to get serious now innit? (small chuckle).

#FashionNightOut pics

photo 6 photo point1  photo 4

Thanks for reading and for supporting this blog of mine – it’s now been a year although still in its developing stages 😛

p.s. In all honesty the design needs more work but I’m trying to update it as I go along. For the mo, I’m trying to produce the best content I can so do leave any comments to let me know what you think.


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