Coming soon – a retrospective of Malta Fashion Week & Awards

I had a plan: To attend the events of fashion week, go home, upload the photos and blog. For a number of reasons which I’ll explain briefly, I didn’t succeed. Actually just 3 basic reasons: uploading photos took too long, I preferred networking after the events and that meant I got home later, i.e. I was drained. So here I am finally blogging. If you have already read other write-ups (which I thought were very good) then at least spare a few minutes to look at the photos. If you have not come into contact with any fashion-related texts from this amazing week, then read on. Any comments and thoughts are appreciated. Apart from 2 shows I missed – I felt gutted for doing so – I made it to all the others, which ‘sort of’ justifies why it was more challenging to write immediately after (although it’s what I tell myself to sleep better at night :p). Having been given a media pass and the privilege of a pole position seat, I felt the priority was first and foremost to be there in flesh and blood. So bear with, bear with, what follows is a smorgasbord of #mfwa2014 posts, commentaries (which I promise / I hope to keep concise and salient), and of course the aforementioned images which I hope tell a story better than my words.


IMG_0318 IMG_0762


The first installment in what will resemble a mini-series, is the New Designers show which was the first I attended. I will, however, devote one to the very first show, the Solo Designers show (one of the two I missed, and I regret of course) feat. Ritienne Zammit’s collection Amen AW 14 and Creative Fashion 7’s collection Biosphere 2o14 (as soon as I confirm some photos from the professional photographers whose work will obviously be credited).

The photos above were taken during taken during the New Designers event so more of that in the next post 🙂

Before concluding this sort of prologue, I would like to congratulate the amazing team who organised #mfwa2014 for their the superb work, dedication and extreme professionalism, and who invited me to be part of such an awesome week. Many thanks to (though in no particular order of merit):

Adrian Mizzi, the man behind Fashion Week;

Pierre Mizzi, equally of great influence and partner-in-crime aiding Adrian;

Marisa Grima, whom I cannot thank enough for welcoming me into this world, and of course who worked tirelessly backstage to give us the best of the best;

Caroline Paris, who was there to assist Marisa backstage during the majority of the shows;

All the models, make-up artists and hair stylists, who were the show on the catwalk and backstage;

All the designers, who get all my thumbs up for the wonderful and awe-inspiring designs;

Priscilla Sammut Preca, who coordinated us bloggers during the events efficiently and patiently;

Amandine Raths, who was so persevering and available answering all our queries via email and in person;

And last but not least the fabulous bloggers and photographers, with whom I had a great time throughout such a fun-packed week!

Excuse me if I forget anyone so if you were there and contributed, then well done!


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