#MFWA2014 – Event : New Designers Show (part 1)

Location: Casino Maltese, Valletta
When: 24/05/14

With all the fashion shows unfolding in Valletta – in a run-up to V18 – fashion week was bound to be good. What better location than to host the New Designers’ show in an historic building as Casino Maltese? Bloggers were given the privilege of FROW so it was optimal for clicking away our cameras.

Highlights & trends alert: flowing and sheer materials, Japanese/Korean-inspired designs, sloganed Tees and urban vibes, structured and minimalist pieces, inventive cuts, and highly desirable accessories; in other words, a feast of colours & textures. ‘Nuff said.  More comments follow after each designer. This beautiful visual show presented 12 designers so here is the first half so you can appreciate the work and artistry of each one in more detail. Part 2 (the second set of designers) will follow in a separate post.


Edith by Natalie Bronfman – the minimalist reference was to Bronfman’s clean aesthetic, and yet many of us gasped and gaped as we lay our eyes on that luminous pheonix of a back complementing the cascading flow of the gown worn by this year’s Supernova winner (Sarah B).


Gremar – this collection was characterised by lace adorning seemingly silky gowns. The colour palette here was pared-back but it attests to the maturity and sombre tones of solid ladylike additions.

Marta Gomez Vidal

Marta Gomez Vidal – another favourite of mine – the ‘safari’/nature theme is so fresh and innovative. The colours and cuts at once bold and subtle.

Mosca 2

Mosca – a seamless contiguous collection of nudes contrasted suavely against black contours. Just down my alley. Well apart from that body-fitting naughtiness of course.


The name is Parascandalo, Marco Parascandalo – debuting menswear was a risk worth taking because #parascandalo ‘s collection proved to be très populaire with the attendees and fellow bloggers.


Fransina – with the models walking the green mile, the bags remind me of the serious demeanour of Romola Garai in the series The Hour, set in the late fifties, when it was a must to be able to stow away precious possessions. As it is also today, only that now we would be more likely to carry half our life in those roomy beauties.

p.s. I want to thank Mariel of Confessions of a Former Size 6 (#fs6) for the inspiration behind the design, which I am opting for to present most of the photos taken during the shows to offer detail in a more expedient way. You can find her blog here: http://formersize6.wordpress.com/





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