Event: the Pink Fashion Show (part 2)

As mentioned in the previous post, the Pink Fashion Show took place at Villa Bologna, which to reiterate was the most appropriate location for the floral summery theme. A number of brands displayed dreamy must-haves for the summer season. Supernova models clad in very well put-together outfits walked down and round the makeshift runway in the Villa’s garden. The show was styled by Marisa Grima with the assistance of Caroline Paris. Here are the collections and key pieces showcased on an ideal summer afternoon.

Tommy Hilfiger – characterised by bold and fiery neon colours, while subdued with creamy pastels.
Armani Jeans
Armani Jeans – white reigns supreme in this ensemble, as do dainty touches of blue.
Guess – the explosion of colours is palpable when looking at all these pieces put together. Pink (and its variants) is set to be a very popular colour this summer. Mints and limes are an interesting alternative. The floral motif on the dresses is captivating and vivacious.
New Look
New Look – this is the go-to store for many who look for affordable and on-trend fashion. This collection satisfies both criteria. One word: Kimono! It surely completes an outfit adding that sophisticated laid-back touch.
River Island 1
River Island – having recently opened its store in Malta, River Island launches its strong summer collection where variety and contrasting styles abound. From soft pastels to glaring hues, the choice is ample for different types of women.
River Island 2
River Island (2) – maxi dresses or cropped tops? Take you pick and revel in the luscious colours.
ESPRIT – subtlety is key in this mix of delicate materials and floral motifs. However, one can be a bit intrepid by going for zesty colours (as in the maxi dress on the far right, middle row).
Oysho swimwear
Oysho – it seems that neon has reached the shores of beachwear with pieces that are on the right side of alluring and minimalist simultaneously.
Oysho dresses
Oysho (2) – the dresses are equally delightful and are a perfect accompaniment to swimwear for a day by the pool or at the seaside.
Miss Selfridge
Miss Selfridge – this collection screams glamour, elegance, and splendor all at once. The dresses and outfits are GORGEOUS. Period.
Nadine – hot on the heels of the previous collection, Nadine’s is no less stunning. Which is what someone could be upon wearing one of these exquisite beauts. From ruffled to drop hem, you have it. Abstract designs are also included.
Nadine 2
Nadine (2) – I couldn’t have left out these ambrosial dresses, which could easily be the talk of the town for whoever wears them.
Furla – to conclude a splendid fashion show, Furla’s bags were showcased. These range from understated colour blocking / neon / pastel pieces to cute tiny handbags. Some delish arm candy for sure, particularly the yellow and blue bags in the topmost right-hand corner.

See you at the next Pink show…

p.s. I almost forgot… here is a collage for the lovely headpieces created by Alistair. This was such a perfect accessory to complement the clothes. The floral backdrop was created by Studio 7.

Flower Collage





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