#MFWA2014 – Charles & Ron

Location: St Elmo’s Steps, Valletta

When: 26/05/14

Resuming the mini-series on MFWA… I was more than excited for the legendary Charles & Ron fashion show to take centre stage. The sense of anticipation was palpable and I wasn’t the only one to feel all geared up for a yet another muse-worthy sartorial fest. The location was Fort St Elmo (home to Malta Design Week). This couldn’t have been more au fait with the style with what C&R had in store for the stage set for the catwalk (as expected St Elmo was full to the brim!) On to the collection. The humble inspiration was none other than our capital Valletta, epitomized by the Triton Fountain proudly emblazoned on a select number of pieces. The ethereal colours and materials sung to a suffused palette of creamy pastels : at once an aesthetic brightness and a delicious elegance! Another surprise at the end of the mesmerising pieces was viewing Tiffany Pisani – winner of Britain’s Next Top Model & designer – gliding the runway in the ultimate pièce de résistance. This is cerebral tailoring at its best!

This time round, I decided to sit back and enjoy the show so here are some lovely shots courtesy of the talented Clint Scerri Harkins, whose work you can find here.
















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