Summer Lovin’ Tag

Almost a month ago I was tagged by the talented blogger Mariel Sacco of Confessions of a Former Size 6 to share my preferences and musings on some fashion- and social- related aspects of this summer. Needless to say I must apologise for my delayed response owing to the fact that I was half-way across the world visiting World Heritage ruins, riding elephants and speedboats, and enjoying a couple of amazing sunsets and sunrise moments in equally amazing locations (but more of that in other posts so follow up if interested).

It’s also fair to admit that summer is rolling along at an incredible pace (mid-way through already!!) so here goes before the sun sets on summer 2014.

1. Summer lipstick you’re loving?

This season I’m into the Eva Garden Hyperorange collection that really screams summer. It’s paraben free so a healthier option than the usual lipstick. It also has a moisturizing effect and is not too bad in terms of duration after application. The colour I picked is 608 Lipstick Excess in Grenadine.


2. Summer nail polish you’re loving?

This is a bit tricky given that I’m keen on gels that last a month. In which case I always spend a few minutes with my nail technician to select a shade or pattern that would fit in well with diverse environments, whether it is for work or pleasure. As I’m on vacation in summer I have the advantage that I can opt for colours that are a tad more daring and ‘out there’ so this season I went for neon colours (apparently set to be a huge thing during New York Fashion Week).


3. Bikini you’re loving this season?

Due to lots of commitments this year I started swimming quite late in the day. My first swim was in July in fact as opposed to previous years where I usually start swimming in April or May. Once I get going I realise what I would have been missing so I did make up for it, especially on holiday. But I digress…As for the bikini, in the last couple of years I opted for the type where you can undo the strap (very convenient) for tanning purposes but the downside of this style is that it is not always practical for the sort of swimming I like doing, which includes snorkeling and fast swimming. So this year I went back to the traditional halter neck. Luckily I found a grey animal print bikini set which is very comfortable and which I got at a discounted price from Marks and Spencer in Leicester.


4. Favourite summer Frappucino from Starbucks?

I’m not really into Frappucinos but when I’m at Starbucks which happens when abroad I tend to go for their Skinny Mocha. However, I have recently cut down on caffeine due to nasty headaches but I still find myself gravitating towards their signature coffees. Otherwise I try their original beverages. For example when I was in Shanghai last year it was so hot that all I could drink was the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher which was truly special.

5. Favourite fake tan?

Ok so this I have to gloss over as I remember trying out fake tans when younger and I wasn’t too pleased so I rely on the good old sun to build up a tan gradually. As I said earlier I delayed swimming so I was still quite pale but strangely enough I didn’t mind as I came across many campaigns in favour of pale skin. Yet finding myself on beaches and a warm climate abroad I realised I was tanning without having worried about it (and even after slathering lots of SPF!) Problem solved!

6. Favourite summer song?

An obvious one would be Calvin Harris’ Summer but my preferred tune is Lana Del Rey’s West Coast as it evokes the laid-back atmosphere of summer by the sea while being slightly melancholic at the same time.

7. Favourite summer accessory?

It’s difficult to select one accessory but if I had to choose then I’d say a pair of Swatch earrings which I’ve been wearing very often. Together with these, I tend to go for my automatic watch (also by Swatch; both were gifts from my husband from Paris). If I have a formal/special occasion I choose the Svarowski pendant and earrings set I bought from Italy recently. Alternatively I have a couple of summer pieces by MVintage which are easy to wear and dress up an outfit nicely.

Earrings watch

8. Favourite summer fragrance / perfume?

Ever since I have stocked up well on my perfume cupboard, I have not gone back to deodorants so I use some perfumes for work and others to go out. As for my favourite summer fragrance I guess it will be Jeans Pepe Bianco (Dr Taffi) which I came across on my last trip to Italy during which I was taken to this quaint town of Bolgheri and the shop Acqua di Bolgheri. I chose this perfume as it is just the right scent for summer – crisp and refreshing; and even better, when I smell it I travel back in time to that charming street and the perfect bucolic scenery.


9. Summer book you’re loving?

I have to admit that 2014 wasn’t my best year for reading. Usually I get through between 30-40 books per year but till now I have only read 15. One of the best ways to make up for this is to read as much as I can while in transit. This is what did as for a total of 14 flights I had plenty of time to read (though I also watched some films and read magazines). So that meant I managed to read 4 (longish) books. I think the one I have really loved is Look Who’s Back by Timur Vermes which is a political satire in which Hitler wakes up in Berlin in 2011 and tries to reconstruct Germany as he believes it should be. It offers a few laughs but has a profound dark side to it to in part as it reveals the dangers of idolising people, which is not uncommon today.


10. What are most excited to do this summer?

It is true that I am writing this as we are already half-way through summer but if I had to backtrack a bit to think what I was excited most about, it was surely my trip to Southeast Asia which is now done and dusted but the lingering memories will be relived once I sift through the thousands of photos I took thanks to my new Canon 700D. Out of the countries I visited it is difficult to choose a favourite, I’d say Cambodia holds a special place as I did not expect too much of it as I did of Thailand and Vietnam, but it definitely outdid my expectations and was a truly wonderful experience. Scaling the temples of Angkor Wat was something I was very excited about and when I succeeded in doing it, topping it off with watching the sunset and waking up at 4am to see the sunrise, I can say it is something I am personally proud of having accomplished. Other things I am excited about of what is left of summer is to catch up with family and friends as well as resume some blogging and research. Beach time and laid-back evenings watching my favourite series are two other perks of this hot season.

So to wrap up, I am tagging other bloggers who might be interested in writing about their preferences, as there should still be time. We might be half-way through but the summer is still young!

Martina from All Things Fabulous

Sarah from Sarina515

Lara from Every Beauty Addict’s Bible

Maya from Blue Jeans and Red Lipstick

Christa Boffa from Christa Boffa

I would love to read your posts!





































































































































































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