Between a rock and a soft place – vacationing on some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches

The Southeast Asia Chronicles

Destination: Thailand


They say all good things come to those who wait and that at the same time such good things must come to an end. The special moments I enjoyed while soaking up the sun and beach waves during my vacation in Thailand are indeed something that happened in the past now. Yet, the power of the camera is not to be underestimated because upon every scroll through the photos I am transported to the elation I felt when I stumbled upon one of the paradises on earth. The sparkling sea and its different shades of blue was a sight for sore eyes (in the most positive way possible), while the smooth texture of the sand reversed that not-so-pleasant tingling sensation usually associated with fine grains. This experience lasted a week of beach- and island-hopping. From the ones rendered famous by the movie industry – Phi Phi island and Maya Beach as in The Beach (also a novel), and James Bond Island – to those that are ideal for snorkelling or diving, such as Raya Island, Coral Island, and Krabi, here are the images that tell the tale of bliss and serenity.

Phi Phi island
En route to James Bond island
Around James Bond island
The famous rock in the James Bond film
Chicken Island & others
More impressive ‘rocks’ and Chicken Island
Raya Island
Around the Coral and Raya islands
Coral island
Around the Coral and Raya islands
Visiting the caves (and viewing birdsnest formations)
Touring and snorkelling in Krabi


Stay posted for the next update on my Asian tour!


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