Where it all began and ended – Singapore in 72 hours

The Southeast Asia Chronicles

Destination: Singapore

In the previous post on Thailand’s beaches I did not mention that the point of departure for my Southeast Asia trip was Singapore (after flying to Frankfurt of course). Then again when I was lost in organising thousands of photos and enraptured by the calmness of the sea in all those images, I had not yet decided to write about the trip as a whole but in segments. For this reason I am using the same sub-title for the cities and countries that were included in this unforgettable trip adventure. It was decided that rather than have a long layover at the airport (both on arrival and departure), it would make more sense to spend a night or two in this vibrant city. So in total I had around 3 days (more or less), and there is a lot one can do in such a period of time. This is because Singapore boasts an efficient underground system that is not that expensive, considering that pretty much everything else is more so, particularly when compared to Vietnam and Thailand. Let’s say that Singapore is comparable to Tokyo, though it depends what you do and where you eat out. The highlights that I managed to squeeze in were the following: Chinatown and Little India (quite an eye-opener and very different from the rest of Singapore centre); Singapore’s Botanical Gardens (worth visiting as it includes a National Orchid Garden); equally relaxing and a break from the city hubbub is an oasis of green and sustainability at Gardens by the Bay (which I managed to visit on the second visit to Singapore); otherwise if you fancy a spot of shopping there is the Marina Bay Sands mall (close to the gardens) or for a variety of shops, malls, and prices then Orchard Road is the street of shopping – it is sort of the Champs Elysees of Singapore, with larger trees :p In the evening I decided to take a long stroll along Clarke Quay and there are many eateries and different cuisines to choose from either by the riverside or in the adjoining streets – there is quite a fun atmosphere in this area too!

Now onto the best part, a photo selection of the highlights. Enjoy!

Chinatown collage
Chinatown by day and by night
Little India
Little India
Botanical Gardens 1
Singapore Botanical Gardens 1
Botanical Gardens 2
Singapore Botanical Gardens 2
Botanical Gardens 3
Singapore Botanical Gardens 3
Marina Gardens
Gardens by the Bay
Marina COmplex
Marina Bay Sands complex (by night)
Orchard Road
Orchard Road and view of Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Singapore by Night
An evening out in Clarke Quay



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