Celebrating Italian fashion at its best – Mangano A/W 14/15

Mangano shop  A balmy end-of-summer night and some upbeat music were the ideal backdrop to welcome the new looks for Mangano’s A/W 14/15 collection. The original concept of the store – part boutique, part lounge café – made it possible to host a very well attended fashion show. The event kicked off after the invitees settled in and had a look at what was on offer and also as soon as the models’ make-up and hair design were sleekly completed, which deftly complemented the daring image of the dresses and outfits. A surprise was in store – no pun intended – for all of us. Before the models sashayed down the minimalist runway, the young and talented singer Gaia (winner of Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013) was invited to open the show with a brilliantly executed rendition of “Rise like a Phoenix” which was incidentally 2014’s winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. Well done Gaia!

On to the show…

It was evident from the women’s gazes that the many of the outfits presented were show-stoppers and the perfect choice for the upcoming festive season. The first selection below indicates that the 2014/15 woman is strong yet feminine, playful yet fearless. This is achieved by cleverly combining leather and lace for instance, or donning blunt and sleek hairstyles with feminine attire. The monochrome look is a personal favourite of mine as it exudes confident sophistication. What is more the black and white pants, which elongate the legs, and the fringe detail add to the je ne sais quoi of it all.

Mangano selection 1
Mango selection 1 – some favourite looks

Next up are two dresses that surely capture one’s attention. The long sleeves might not attract everyone but they look so right in these two pieces. As do the chunky yet understated belts that cinch the waist perfectly. The lighter hue of the second piece is proof that even in Autumn one can be daring by foregoing black, which is admittedly never out of fashion. Indeed it seems that black is coming back with a bang this season…

The Showstoppers
The show-stoppers

…Which is clearly seen in these diverse pieces below. The sheer material and once again the belt detail are transgressively liberating, while the pop of colour in the first outfit challenges the idea that blue and black do not match. Instead this combination works as it balances out the all-black look.

Then there were 3 - black femme
And then there were three – ‘the long black dress’ look

Another predominant feature in the Mangano collection was the attention to florals. However the pattern is different from other floral designs that are associated with summer for instance. Rather, these choices remind me of impressionist paintings (in the first dress) and of luscious botanical gardens I visited in Asia (in the second dress).

Plush florals
Floral dreams

Finally, to wrap up this muse-worthy ensemble, the shimmery looks were rolled out and Mangano surely pulled out all the stops with these two renditions that are envisaged to sell fast and be paraded for Christmas or New Year’s eve.

The great shimmer
Shine bright like a diamond

To conclude, here are all the looks and some pieces in the stores. Till next time!

All the models 2
All the models
Mangano shop 2
Available now

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