The skyline is limitless: Sif Jacobs launched in Malta

SIF JAKOBS invitation PR sep14

Location: Valletta, Malta

Jewellery stores in Malta are evolving by riding the bandwagon of sought-after international brands. 202 Jewellery is doing that really well by bringing to our shores a well-known name among international fashion circuits. Last week I was invited to join in the launch of Copenhagen’s own Sif Jacobs, the name and woman behind an exciting concept. Chatting with the Icelandic designer Jacobs over a couple of drinks on a mild October eve in the capital, the focus centered around the inspiration and design for her pieces. She explained how travel is an intrinsic part of her collections, and her love for Italy and other Mediterranean locations is palpable. Chief among the cut and colours of her jewellery is her interest in architecture. For instance, she pointed out how city skylines inspire her in the original geometric and sleek shape she chooses for her rings. During the interview which was the introduction to the launch, Jacobs likened her the art of creating jewellery to having children in that she feels a strong loyalty and love towards every single item created. Not surprisingly she went on to answer in response to the interviewer’s question that personalities such as the Beckham family and Mel B, as well as Britney Spears and Pamela Anderson, seek out and wear Sif Jacobs jewellery. Moreover, her collections have featured in Stockholm fashion week on the day dedicated to jewellery.

sj 1

Here are some pieces exhibited during the launch, each one with a story of its own and an ideal gift for any occasion, suitable for women of all ages. Elegance and and efffortless sophistication are guaranteed, and captured in the slogan ‘Let Yourself Shine’.

sj 2 sj 3

sj 4sj 5

Now that Christmas is coming up, some jewellery from the Sif Jacobs’ collection would make the perfect present!


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