Karen Millen now in Malta

Karen Millen_Fotor_Collage 1

There comes a time when a woman asks herself whether she should reimagine her style according to the life she leads or the image she wants to project. If one is aiming at both, say by leading a professional life and wishing to convey the perception of a well-trimmed and organised woman, then one should look no further than Karen Millen, which landed on our tiny island just around a week ago.

Having been kindly invited to witness the launch firsthand, the first thing that I eyed was the accurately designed shop. Freshly minted in an historic part of the capital, I couldn’t but notice what was on offer among the trend-setting yet classical pieces. Though I’ll return to rifle through the office-appropriate dresses and gorgeous separates at a more leisurely pace, the event itself allowed me to gaze at the feast of colours, while catching up with a delectable crowd of like-minded fashion-seeking people. A Friday eve was an ideal backdrop and sure enough the event was exceedingly well-attended. By now most of the pieces on display must be on their way to being sold out or replenished with even more adorable styles. One can go for a leather-inspired look or opt for the floral designs. Red is a strong contender as one the colours of the A/W collection, as is grey (though I have to visit the shop again to see what extensions of these hues are available). My favourites are the structured dresses and some of the shoes/bags that are sure to dress up an outfit. Karen Millen aspires to guarantee variety, comfort and style while oozing class and refinement.

Karen Millen_Fotor_Collage 2

Karen Millen_Fotor_Collage 4

Whether it is a formal or a casual occasion, there will definitely be something to fit the bill; and with New Year’s Eve being a major dress-up event, you would be sure to stand out with a Karen Millen design on your shoulders and in your wardrobe. So go get yourself some Karen Millen!

Karen Millen_Fotor_Collage 3


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