Christmas giveaway: Mvintage Glass Collection campaign

As my very first giveaway for my small but budding blog, it is very special that of all brands, Mvintage is the one tied to it. This is not only because it has become my go-to store for unique pieces that I love to wear on a daily basis, but also because I am one of 8 bloggers chosen to share the news on the Christmas campaign that is on at the moment. The Glass Collection is stunning, timeless, and items can be matched against a personality. So each one of us got a colour (the dainty necklace as a gift and the matching bracelet to give away). Mine is WHITE which means: Goodness, Positive, Softness, Understanding, and a Good Listener which I guess does reflect me in a very telling way, even because the nature of my career requires me to show all of these qualities. I love the versatility of this colour because it can be worn against any background. To make my necklace pop especially as Christmas time is upon is I got myself the matching earrings. I look forward to announcing the winner of the bracelet so if you would like to try your hand at winning it, follow the link; the giveaway starts tomorrow and ends on Sunday 21 December:

Here is the bracelet I am giving away (the white one of course, and made of stainless steel):

All colours

Here is how Mvintage representatives described the Glass Collection:

‘The Mvintage Christmas campaign was inspired by women’s sparkle-fascination syndrome, over its unique Glass Collection. Women flock like crows around the stunning sparkle of faceted glass and the spectacular fragmentation of light from its coloured glass stones. The beauty of each individual stone feels haunting and yet every one of them is so unique just like every woman inspiring Mvintage and its unique jewellery pieces.

Following are the images representing the sparkle this Christmas campaign:

Image 1   Image 2

Here are some images of the items available from Mvintage (you may order anything online as shipping is free); moreover, in conjunction with the giveaway you may use the promo coupon code stephanie10%off upon checking out when shopping from the website.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

* Conditions: Due to the fact that it is Christmas time so it is a busy period for post, I must restrict the giveaway to residents in Malta so if needs be I may meet the winner in person or send it by post easily. Thank you for understanding.

Good luck!

Style in Transit x

p.s. Soon I will be adding an additional piece on my necklace and earrings, and how I intend to style them so this warrants an outfit + mvintage post on its own :p


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