Event: Official launch of F&F

Location: Daniel’s Shopping Complex, Hamrun

On Wednesday 10th December, the management team behind F&F organised a launch party and fashion show – curated by stylist Marisa Grima – to officially announce the brand’s arrival in Malta. F&F belongs to the Tesco group so it is yet another British store to open at Daniel’s following that of George. Needless to say, F&F is a welcome addition to the growing flock of foreign clothing shops on a tiny island such as ours where there is the need for diversity and selection of materials, styles and prices to compete against the allure of online shopping. Speaking of which, F&F do ship to Malta (against a very reasonable standard £10 delivery charge). Personally, however, I prefer to try clothes on so I am more than pleased that my shopping options have slightly expanded. As a brand, F&F has stores in over 20 countries across the world which includes more far-off destinations such as the Middle East and Asia (if only I had known that before travelling to Asia!). What attracts the day-to-day shopper to this brand is wearability, comfort without compromising style, reasonable prices, and best of all, clothes that are of good quality and are flattering to different body sizes. So here are some of the looks during the fashion show, but for a wider selection you may visit the store in person or online.

F&F 1 F&F 2

F&F 3





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