Event: The name is Gagliardi


Location: Piazza Tigne, The Point Shopping Complex, Sliema

Two days after F&F officially launched its brand, it was Gagliardi’s turn to open a spanking-new store on Friday 12 December. However, in contrast to British F&F, Gagliardi is 100% Maltese and homegrown. It is truly remarkable that in times where fast fashion seems to rule, you can still find brands that test the passage of time and remain loyal to their roots and aesthetic. This was what I understood the message behind the speech delivered during the party to be. Another fun-fact about the brand is that it has for the first time opened a stand-alone store rather than being housed in the Bortex shop. The charm of the shop’s interior design is delectable and its decor harks back to the days of bespoke shops where personal touch, tailor-made and refined quality, and warmth in the service provided, are on offer together with the clothes being sold. I got a taste of this as I was kindly assisted whilst choosing some shirts (see last set of images). I must say it was really interesting to get a chance to shop at such a late hour, especially in tandem with the trΓ¨s glamorous party and after rubbing shoulders with fashion-forward friends.

G2 G1





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