You are probably thinking of the collocation post-holiday blues, but at the risk of sounding apocalyptic at the start of a new year, I thought ‘reflections’ would be a better fit. The Christmas recess was in fact a time for reflection on many aspects. This is in part because I had two full weeks so I’m not complaining – compared to those whose ‘holidays’ consisted of the Christmas /New Year blocks. Now when you count the days, it was really a long time – enough to recharge and go back to work feeling more refreshed. Well, I’m not betting my bottom dollar yet that it worked.

So this post is a reflection on my reflections. Nah, I’m joking. It’s looking back at how I’ve decided to while away spend my time as productively and in a fulfilling manner as was possible. This year I skipped my usual short trip to a European destination; for the first time I can admit I am glad I didn’t travel. Weird much for saying this, considering I’m a travel junkie? Looking at it another way, not travelling meant 2 important things: saving more money for the (bigger) summer trip, and not having to face exhaustion as I sometimes return from my travels in need of another holiday, that is, or more rest (reason: when I travel I tend to pack in as much as time affords, which usually means early wake-up calls, loads of walking, and lots of ferreting around shops/museums/atrractions). Especially after having done this for 3 consecutive years abroad for the New Year period. So I am definitely familiar with that feeling.

This meant I had more time to do the following:
1. Read, study and write (for research purposes) almost every day;
2. Read (for pleasure). I got through 3 books and I am on my fourth;




3. Read (some magazines, blogs of others on Bloglovin’);
4. Write more posts for my blog on travel and putting to good use some of the photos taken. See previous posts on #Wanderlust;

5. Watch Downton Abbey, Homeland, and Under the Dome, plus a couple of movies;




6. Attend dinners, lunches, parties and gatherings over the Christmas and New Year period;
7. Cook more varied hearty / healthy meals (including at lunch time);
8. Getting more beauty sleep;
9. Manage the usual house stuff; and
10. Last but definitely the best, spend more quality time with my better half.

So overall I’m quite pleased with how it all panned out, and considering I was ill a week before Christmas, it was better than expected!

What have you been up to?
Happy New Year!

p.s. This was not meant as a tag, but I’d be interested to read how my fellow bloggers have spent the Christmas period:

Ellie of The Uni-form
Mariel of Former Size 6
Lyn from Splashes of Looks
Lorraine of Lola loves Sparkles
Dorianne of Ask Dorianne
and anyone else who would like to write about it!


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