Not a new year’s resolution


In more recent times I decided that making New Year resolutions is one way of telling yourself ‘here is a fresh shot at getting it right this time round’ as though you did not succeed at the first opportunity. So instead of making new New Year resolutions I would merely go with the flow of things that needed being done during the year and as the motto goes I ‘just do it’. Either out of a practical need, a pressing must, or simply a whimsical want. Examples range from being more regular with health check-ups (a must), to getting more academic work done (a must/need), to travelling to sought-after destinations (a calculated want), to reading more (Facebook articles don’t count; a want), to exercising more seriously and eating more healthily (both of them a must/need/want).


I must say I have achieved all of them in differing degrees in 2014 though, truth be told, I am still pursuing them as they do not really entail an end but are more of an ongoing process. So it is best to look at resolutions as process rather than product and to take it day by day, week by week. The rewards are both short-term and long-term but the act of engaging in these activities, routines, habits or interests is in itself stimulating enough.

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Which brings me to a reevaluation of…


If you noticed, of late I have taken to the latter with a keen dedication that is unprecedented. A few months back I had written an article on the matter which debated the alluring but perilous nature of this photo app / experience/ phenomenon. Somehow, something strange happened: not later than 2015 had kicked off, I felt some urge to experiment and be more ‘present’ not just as a viewer but as a sharer. If only to give it a try and enjoy taking/tweaking photos of daily occurrences, none too grand or impressive I must admit given the time of year (i.e. the long dreary months of winter), which is mostly characterized by work, work, and more work. But I guess there’s nothing wrong with trying to add some twists of fun to mundanity, even if I was one of those who decried the act of sharing what appear to be trivial moments of our life. Yet as the saying goes, ‘sharing is caring’ and I have to admit that the photos I like the most are just those… as well as the power of a photo to elevate the ordinary into something special – that is indeed another meaning to the oft-regarded facetious trend of ‘instagramming’.


So I will do my best to make it worth your while and enjoy it too – at least until the novelty wears off (so I’ll have to see how long this ‘venture’ lasts)!

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your views. xx

p.s. I’d thought this post would allow me to clarify my position (lest I come across as hypocritical, which I am not, but I see it instead as a case of shifting my viewpoint and trying to come to grips and engage with this phenomenon more proactively).

p.p.s I believe in setting personal goals to achieve rather than resolutions because the latter reminds me of resolving ‘problem’ areas, and while we are always on a journey of self-improvement, I am sure we already have redeeming merits. On that note I’ll leave you with this, which I thought really fits in nicely with some goals for this blog:


Style in Transit xx



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