MUD Playground @ Roseberry

Location: Roseberry, Valletta

What & who: An introductory training course by the European School Director of Make-up Designory, Elizaveta Kudryashova

Elizaveta delivering the session @ Roseberry (downstairs)

I feel I have to preface this post by admitting that I do not often blog about beauty matters. Nonetheless, I love make-up products and as I wrote in an earlier post, I hardly leave the house without any colour on, so I am often on the lookout for new trends or developments in this industry. Anything that is good for the skin and easy on the eyes is fine by me. So on Thursday 19 February after work I set off to the capital and along with a number of bloggers, I attended a mini-training course delivered by the delightful Elizaveta. She works as a make-up artist (hardly any surprise here!) and is director of the Make-up Designory school located in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Nibbles collage

So here’s what took place. First we had a friendly chat, and looked around the stands. Without further ado, Elizaveta then explained the origins of the brand as well as its rationale. Hailing from Los Angeles, this is a school that quickly has become associated with the entertainment industry. In fact, former students of MUD went on to become make-up artists for the likes of Rihanna and Lady Gaga. As it is often a tiring job due to moving around substantially to work on different sites, Elizaveta stressed the importance of not having to lug around too many products. That is the ingenious aspect of MUD – with a few products, such as the ‘magical’ primer, one can mix and match and create palettes of colour (whether it is eye shadow, liner or even coloured mascara).

Gift set & products
Display of products and gift sets* (top picture)

Another important quality of the product is that it is silicone-based so it is more durable than water-based products. For this reason it is best to use the products together for maximum effect, and also because silicone-based and water-based products do not blend adequately. The eye colours are immediately intensified with the primer, and the foundation suddenly becomes creamier and more pigmented. It is this rich pigmentation that permits durability and adds to the special effect.

Products 1
Selection of products and brushes

Speaking of which, Elizaveta mentioned that MUD products are also used in a reality show called Face Off where special effects make-up is painstakingly created. Moreover, MUD is used during fashion shows and for sculpting jobs. Some of the products even target the face in such a way that a make-up artist can make a person look much younger through a technique that involves filling in the furrows or wrinkles. The MUD brushes are optimal for this purpose – some of them are synthetic but others are made of natural hair. While the synthetic fibers are ideally used with cream products (as they deposit the creams evenly), the natural hair brushes can be used with both cream and powder products as they are more porous; these are a blend of sable, goat, and pony hair. Other useful make-up accessories (for the make-up artists working on fashion week runways) include empty palettes to be filled in with a variation of colours, and the very handy brush holder that can be worn as a belt.

A sought-after brand, MUD is now available in Malta at Roseberry. So go get yourself some MUD products: ‘originally for make-up artists by make-up artists’ but now more accessible! Here’s the range in store:

Elizaveta 2 & range

p.s. In my gift set*, I got a deep blue-green eye shadow (Pacific) and a purple-magenta lipstick (Idol):

my gift


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