#Favourites: January and February 2015

As I was jam-packed with work in January, which meant it was too late for a favourites post for the first month of the year, I decided to combine two months’ worth on the items I’ve been using a lot or enjoying.

First up are accessories, which I’ve been making a point to include on a daily basis. For that to be possible, I usually opt for my rose gold loop earrings (Fossil) or the chunky & flower pattern ones (Swatch). These were presents so that makes them more special. In terms of bracelets I usually wear my hexagon piece or the newer addition (both Mvintage). In the necklace department I find myself reaching for my wishbone necklace (a gift from Mvintage). As for rings, I found that section a bit wanting so I popped over to Yana’s Jewellery and got myself two lovely pieces but I started by wearing this one first almost every day since I bought it (I’ll show you the other one later).

Moving on to shoes. Right now it’s very cold, and almost always wet. So that means boots. The top-worn pairs are both knee highs, one in suede (Ana Morena) and the other with some gold detailing (Xus). They’re not completely flat and they look great with jeans but also with shorter skirts. This doesn’t mean I don’t wear heels. Far from it. I had quite a number of evenings out so that called for tights & heels. My fav pairs are either the suede black heels or the animal print ones (both by Xus). The latter I also love wearing in ankle boots format (Ana Morena).

That leaves me with clothing items. First off is outerwear and I must say the most common coat I wear is the speckled grey one (oasis) or the more formal light grey one (Stradivarius). With tops I’m not too choosy but the black polo neck and crew neck are often my go-to pieces. Especially if I’m pairing them with ‘the skirts of the moment’ (tailor-made by my mum using her Bernina :-)). I am also adding a pleather skirt which I wear a lot of at the weekend (New Look). Finally, something related to dresses. I must say that I often wear my long-sleeved panelled dress (Mango) or my grey houndstooth jersey dress (Sandra Darren). It’s their fit, comfort and ease of wear that make them my preferred ones.

So here’s how I organised the above items in a quick photo session. Which is your favourite shot or item?

Fav 1 Fav 2 fav 3 Fave 4

p.s. I included some items or books I picked up on my travels and if you notice, the Matryoshka opens up to 5 pieces, one added for each shot!




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