Style in Transit turns 2!

In March 2013, I attended a conference on innovation and came across blogging. With the promise of new things in springtime, I decided to start this blog, not knowing who was out there and especially not being aware that the fashion scene here in Malta was growing healthily. So that’s the first thing that makes me happy for having started this blog!


This initially private project of mine -aka the blog- has now become a fledgling of two years which I am so chuffed to share with my readers and viewers. When you think about it 2 years are not really a short span of time, so I’m pleased to have kept going at it. Here are some more insights on what blogging has taught me and also rewarded me with:

1. Reading and writing about style and fashion has led me to be more obsessed with aware of style and now prefer certain must-have items – is that good or bad? I don’t mean style and fashion are the only things that matter but life’s too short to waste on awful or dull outfits. Bonus points go to attention to detail, which means I have become more selective when shopping for clothes.


2. I have learnt so much about the local fashion industry thanks to events like Malta Fashion Week & Awards and other shows, and that talent is definitely not only foreign, but that both established and budding local designers have something important to contribute! Kudos to those representing #MFWA2015 !! Here’s the link to MFWA’s website to book events: and here’s a link to the video on their website:

3. I have also attended so many shows and events, during which I have met a myriad of wonderful, passionate people. I am grateful that this world has allowed me to make friends with some of them – you know who you are so give yourself a hug (or two)!! (links to some of the shows I attended below).

4. Blogging has also enabled me to share my travel experiences (and lots of photos) which would otherwise go to waste. If you would ever want me to write about certain countries I’ve been to or would like tips let me know (you can have a look at my photo gallery here and on Instagram – follow on stefxerri).

IMG_9163ElbaChiang MaiCoral islandIMG_7678Hanoi Little IndiaDSCF8115DSCF9144IMG_6576DSCF005620130415-001632.jpgimage

5. By means of this outlet of expression, I have maintained a steady flow of writing though I often have to shift between the more creative style here and an academic form of writing elsewhere. Yet, no matter what style you write in, I believe that writing regularly helps hone one’s voice. Plus I love writing so need I say more?


6. Finally, blogging connects me to the world outside which also makes me more adventurous and outward-looking in what I do. Thank you to all the followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and to almost 7,000 visitors/views I have had these 2 years from all over the world. Let’s reach 10K!!

Here’s to another year!!



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