Outfitting ideas: of colours & accessories

IMG_2881 IMG_3026

Going through the thousands of photos taken this past year with my new camera, I stumbled upon these pretty accessories and looks captured during my travels to Singapore, a very forward-looking and trend-pushing destination. I visited the Marina Bay luxurious department store as well as other shopping options on Orchard Road. Here are some suggestions on how to put more life into your looks (also appropriate for Fashion Week!)

1. Put a bow in it. Some like wearing ties as accessories, but these creative papillons are equally dashing. Who said only men can wear them?


2. Wearing an all-black ensemble? Then add some zest with something like this – a burst of colour in a bag should do the trick (Issey Miyake’s Baobao collection).


3. Speaking of bags, some prefer a softer dreamier palette so bags of this type and colour ought to be an ideal accompaniment to white or denim outfits. Another thing, bag accessories have been gaining ground – notice the puffball keychain on some of them? Ah, the regret of having left a similar one behind in one of the shops because back then it would have looked odd, or so I thought! (Note to self: if something looks remotely odd or out of place, grab it! There’s a 50-50 chance it would either die a quick death, or become the next big thing!)


4. Moving on to shoes. Many prefer the more comfortable version to heels, and if you love your Birkenstock(s), then why not look for more playful versions like these?


5. Most of us are partial to a lovely summery dress, particularly if it has an interesting motif or pattern. If the dress is then in the shape of a two-piece with an alternative upper-body design? Even better.

IMG_2915 IMG_3022

6. A look is not complete without make-up, and considering that MAC is soon opening in Malta, I thought this would give you an idea of some goodies they sell.


Lastly, for the architecture lovers out there, here are some photos of the amazing buildings housing these delicious pieces of clothing. The LV ‘ship’ was really something magnificent to behold at night!

IMG_2991 IMG_2974

IMG_2891 IMG_2889 IMG_2888



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