Fashion Week -7 days: Last-minute shopping suggestions

After having been to Manchester for just a day 2 years ago (it was in transit to another city), I was able to enjoy this vibrant hub for a number of days due to a conference I attended there. This post however is not about the city itself (alas) due to the fact that I did not have much time for sightseeing. But after long days full or workshops and plenaries, I managed to salvage an hour or two to look around the shops and get some much-needed shopping done, in preparation for Fashion Week. I also noticed some prevalent designs and choice of materials, so here are my suggestions for trending pieces to wear during Fashion Week events. These ideas are based on my experiences and first-hand scouting of trending pieces in shops; as a result, I picked out some items for each idea/section, and some of you will see my picks in action in a week’s time!!

Metallics: I was not too keen at first on items sporting that shiny look but, like a crow eyeing sparkling objects, I was soon after converted when I saw many options, either in the form of bags or shoes. I would not pair them together, or it might look like Disco is back (though some would not object to that!)


Suede: Contrary to metallics, I have loved suede for a long time now and have never stopped. You can imagine how chuffed I was when I stumbled upon a dress and a saddle bag in this material; I dare say they might go nicely together as the textures and colours are slightly different (the tassel keychain on the bag also assuages the search for fringe). I did find many bags with fringing but I held back as I was worried the latter detail would be too dated too soon. I’m all for trends but I prefer a more classic edge so I’d be able to wear them for a longer time-span after the trend has died down.


Striped: It seems clichéd but I always seem to come back with something striped. This time however, I did not get any pieces that resembled what I already had in my wardrobe. Many striped items are horizontal, but there is now the option of vertical ones. In fact I chose a vertical striped shirt because the lines are more slimming and I’ve been wanting something like this for quite a while. Stripes are also a favourite in the blazer department, adding that fresh take on the classic more wintry jacket. I found a blue-and-white vertically striped blazer that was too good not to bring home.


Accessories: Lately I’ve ditched the costume jewellery accessories because they tarnish or break too quickly, opting for more long-lasting pieces instead. At the same time, I am quite keen on and attracted to the geometric cuts or statement pieces that I have been eyeing on mags or lookbooks online.


White: I steer clear of white many times (the level of dust and dirt in Malta is incredible) but there are items that you can take a risk for. I noticed the popularity of wearing all-white ensembles (again, blame it on online inspo) or adding that pop of white to an outfit. Such a pop can be achieved by means of white sneakers or crisp heels/sandals; a white summer dress ‘Coachella-style’ is also an idea. I found both and I do hope (fingers crossed) their whiteness will last. The dress I chose has an intricate eyelet design and for this reason I could not part with it; after some hunting I found a very good pair of white sneakers which I can wipe down because they have a leather-look rather than canvas material.


Black, black & white: As a contrast to white, I never shy away from black items of clothing or shoes. I had been on the lookout for these sleeveless blazers or as some call them, vests, and I found one that fits the bill. I decided it would pair up nicely with a printed top so you can do that too. Another black item is in the shoe department. I have many black heels or sandals so at first I thought of staying away. However, there is the lace-up/gladiator twist so I thought such shoes would not look half-bad (similar to the top, further left one in the Whites collage).

vests tops

Final tip: when you have a very limited time to shop as I usually do, set off with a ‘shopping list’. Before I travel I go through my clothes (to ensure I do not buy anything that I already have, which still happens sometimes, mind you). I think of what I really want/ need that I do not already have, and so I have become very selective when looking for items, staying away from sales racks and other areas of the huge shops that would waste my time. Any shopping tips you want to share?

p.s. The images here are suggestions taken from different brands on ASOS, for the simple reason that it was easier to locate typical items featuring the styles above. This is not an advertising post and I am not in any way affiliated to the site. The pieces I purchased are not on view here (they will be seen during Fashion Week and I will try this time to put up some outfit posts).

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