Malta Fashion Week: Press Conference

Press Conference | Palazzo De la Salle, Valletta


Finally, the long wait for the most hotly anticipated fashion event in Malta is over. We’re talking about Malta Fashion Week and Awards, of course. The location? Valletta, where else? The team behind the fashion and design feast is once again proud to host most of the shows in the resurgent capital, with the exception of some satellite events taking place not far off. During the press conference today open to the press, which also meant us bloggers were cordially invited, the link between the fashion world and Valletta (the capital of culture for 2018, i.e. V18) was discussed by the chairperson of the V18 foundation, Jason Micallef. The latter also spoke of the importance of artistic heritage in promoting the capital city’s legacy beyond V18.

(L-R) Jason Micallef, Adrian Mizzi, Hon. Owen Bonnic

Adrian Mizzi (the executive producer of MFWA, aka Malta’s Fashion Man) launched the programme of events and spoke of the rise and rise of fashion in Malta, capitalizing on local talent. He mentioned the people involved to make such an event come to life; all hands will be on deck, as stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists, technical crew will be working tirelessly to ensure everything goes without a hitch. Mr Mizzi also expressed pride at the fact that last year’s Fashion Week was covered by around 40 newspapers, and similar to last year, Fashion TV will be airing snippets of this year’s event on international channels. Hon. Owen Bonnici MP (for Justice, Culture, and Local Government) stressed the synergy between Art in education -as something more than a pastime but an essential contribution to culture- and fashion/design as a niche that fuels economic growth and investment. All considered, Fashion Week is a milestone in the promotion of local talent, offering a creative platform for designers to make their work known to the public.


Fashion Week is thus being supported by V18, which foundation is also about the regeneration of the capital. It is also part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week franchise, which includes 17 countries. As part of V18, it is befitting that particular locations were scouted and found in the capital, the choice of which was based on presenting local and international designers’ work alike in some of the most iconic buildings. These range from the majestic Grand Master’s Palace, to the newer Barrakka Lift at Lascaris Wharf, to the historic Mediterranean Conference Centre. Add to this the Chamber of Commerce and a location on Ordinance Street, plus St George’s Square (for the Lighting Up of Fashion Photography Exhibition, displaying the work of no less than 17 photographers). The Chamilia Malta Fashion Awards (now in their 17th year) will take place at the Shipbuilding Warehouse, Marsa. The other satellite event will be at the Point (on Saturday 9 May, presenting 40 brands).

IMG_2504 IMG_2505

Now in its 5th edition, Malta Fashion Week is proud to showcase a vast array of designers, some well-established such as Caroline Hili, Ritienne Zammit, Creative Factory 7 (CF7); others similarly upcoming and quickly becoming household names, such as Marco Pace Parascadandalo, Ferragiu, and Nilara. The common denominator? They all carry the Made in Malta tag. As do some of the New Designers. The latter show will boast a total of 15 designers, following the Bridal show, during which CF7 will contribute to this niche (both hosted at the Sacra Infermeria, Mediterranean Conference Centre). For Hili’s show, the original idea of presenting her collection on the Barrakka Lift, Lascaris Wharf, was a stroke of genius (needless to say, I am really excited about this). Both Ritienne Zammit’s and the International Designers’ Show (with Gagliardi representing Malta) will unfold at the Grand Master’s Palace, with the latter show being in Pjazza San Gorg. Ordinance Street will be the location for Ferragiu and Nilara, while the Malta Chamber of Commerce will see the works of Marco Pace Parascandalo, Julia Boikova, and Sai Suman. The Chamilia Malta Fashion Awards will bring together the best of all the events, and will of course focus on the awards to people making a name for themselves in this industry (the nominees for styling, hairstyling, photography, modelling, and blogging are in the Fashion Week magazine that came out with The Sunday Times dated 3 May). That’s all for now! See you there!

IMG_2511 IMG_2510



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