Myme: the pop-up concept store




Wondering what last-minute touches to add to your looks or outfits for the busiest week in fashion of the year, aka Malta Fashion Week and Awards? Do you still need to buy that something special for Mother’s Day? Fret no more. Enter myme, a very original concept that is starting to pick up speed on our sunny isles. The woman behind this pop-up store is Mariele Isidoro who hails from Madrid but travels the world to source her products. For this event, the stock is from Paris, Milan, Madrid, New York and Sao Paolo. She explained the rationale for her store, that of offering customers and fashion lovers unique pieces that stand out from the crowd, that are very well-made, and that are inspired in their design by catwalk looks. They are indeed unique because the majority of the items are one-offs and so one is not worried that someone else will be donning the same piece or look. If you have a special event, such as a wedding, why not stop by and have a look? You might find The Dress or The Outfit that has your name written all over it. Myme store will be open from Wednesday 6 May (yesterday)– Sunday 10 May; opening hours 10am-8pm; location: Palazzo De la Salle courtyard, Valletta.






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