Malta Fashion Week: New Designers Show

As mentioned in the previous post, the location for the second fashion show was the same. Yet, the atmosphere was quite different. This was partly because of the type of show, ergo the New Designers show, which was not only enthusiastically awaited, but was also characterised by unusual styles and playful creativity. There were a grand total of 13 designers, some of whom had already made their first foray into last year’s fashion week, such as Edith, Poshet!, Margo de Vidal, and Lukka. The other new designers were: Beyond Couture, Couture by Gaetano, Daze, Fretka, Gabrielle Fenech, Mari Aho, MC Fashion, Sarah Caruana Dingli, and Maria Cutajar. Artistically approachable, some of the designs and pieces emanate raw energy, calculated nonchalance, and capricious extravagance. Others exude boldness, ebullience, and perseverance in their staying power. The order of designers is according to aspects of design I have observed, as it was difficult to choose favourites; however, I enjoyed the collections of Sarah Caruana Dingli and Mari Ahoy for their playfulness and minimalism respectively.

1. Experimenting with shapes and prints

Beyond Couture
Maria Cutajar

2. Tactical designing and arresting attention

Sarah Caruana Dingli
Mari Ahoy

3. Experimenting with colour and textures

IMG_3039 MC
MC Fashion

4. Forging stylistic identities


5. Lush materials and intricate patterning


7. Making a statement


8. Harking back to a bygone era


9. Psychedelic earth tones

Margo de Vidal






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