Malta Fashion Week: Ferragiu and Nilara

As the clock struck nine and the session at parliament was over, it was time for two big names in local fashion to showcase their work. The venue was on Ordinance Street between the new theatre and the new parliament. As a catwalk, the models used the staircase leading onto the square and they then made their way onto a stepped up platform for us to feast our eyes on the wonderful pieces and creations.

First up was Ferragiu, Dr Juliana Scerri Ferrante’s brainchild (the first time I had the honour of seeing her connection was during one of the Fashion for a Cause events). My first thoughts on hearing the music and looking up at the first model were: a dream, a whisper, a breeze – all of which embody the impressive collection. From capes to massive gowns, floral detail including the appliqué belts, each piece had something striking and alluring. What captivated my attention were the elegant leaf-like sleeves and the panelling in one of the sleek gowns, as were the ornate patterns underscoring the Renaissance theme. It is indeed amazing work and it is no wonder that such a collection will have pride of place in a Fashion Gala show in Rome this July. Among other favourites of mine were the animal print dresses and the one inspired by the desert theme. The ambitious animal print cape was equally stunning, as was the supersized belt.

1980346_681498715288358_1481759502423954527_o 11129532_681498605288369_3407081642002953071_o 11165051_681498798621683_192070267082854157_o 11187762_681498515288378_7096380013315840077_o 11216235_681498348621728_8940076416217840160_o 11220773_681498205288409_6124699803444405508_o 11265477_681498101955086_769342937161761016_o 11221503_681498478621715_2300117165099205180_o

The second show was also presented by a woman, Nilay Topal Camilleri. Nilara’s collection, entitled Paint it Black, was breathtaking as it was capably executed. The combination of materials and cuts was sublime, and attested to the seamlessness of the collection. Here were my immediate reactions to some of the pieces.

1. Rebellious & escapist : the mysterious trailblazer


2. Sultry & magical : a black swan


3. Classicist & sparkling : a twist on the heart-shaped gown


4. For the female heartbreaker (as the song accompanied this impactful design)


5. Modesty meets glam, and when covering up oozes ‘sex’ more than baring it all does


6. For those who prefer more leg, the body-sculpted top part blends perfectly with the feather-like skirt


7. The two-piece for those who love a crop top & maxi skirt


8. Make your move with every step you take : enthralling in fringe


9. Just a touch of fringe, but just enough to shimmy


10. Wired and on fire


11. The LBD comes with a statement addition : the cape which says ‘get out of my way’


12. Body hugging : enmeshed


13. When transparent is not vulgar but delicate


14. Who said a woman can’t wear black to her wedding?


15. Tremendous impact & serious headgear


Black is definitely the new black with this collection!

All photos courtesy of Steven Muliett Photography.


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