Malta Fashion Week: Caroline Hili

The revamped Lascaris Wharf was the location for Day 5 of Malta Fashion Week – the plan was to utilize the lift to bring down the models from Upper Barrakka Gardens. A slight breeze and jazz music made for a relaxed Wednesday eve. Suffice to say that for Caroline Hili’s show, the crowd was huge, I daresay twice the amount that of last year (who can forget her collection on the Renzo Piano steps?). Caroline Hili’s work has now become a stalwart of the Malta Fashion Week and Awards, and the name itself generates interest and enthusiasm for what she has dreamed up. Indeed, before the show began,Β compΓ¨re Colin Fitz quoted Caroline’s vision for her collection:Β  ‘My designs convey my dreams… dresses are an extension of my imagination’. The audience was regaled with swoon-worthy pieces amid no-nonsense material, such as luxurious leather and lusciously-textured knits. Hili sure knows how to blend her designs, from bold colours to lighter hues, exuding feminity in equally exquisite textures. On another and final note, referring to the venue, Fitz said that Malta Fashion Week and Awards is proud to be at the forefront of exploring new venues for shows on our island. And how’s this for a venue?


Here is my take on the show, all of which were my immediate reactions to Hili’s creations for Spring/Summer 2016, as the models descended and walked around the steps.

DSC_0229_Caroline 1

Fierce and stunning, these pieces scream sensuality and female assertiveness; the pale colours and the knit underneath the leather coat soften up the look. Loads of cameras shot up at the sight of the nude-like dress, but the craftiness of this dress is that it creates an illusion of nakedness as it is just the right degree of transparent – though some still would feel it bares too much for their liking.

DSC_0268_Caroline 2

In contrast, the lighter shades are ideal for the summer. The laced midi skirt is complemented by a different angled crop top. The two-piece made of white light wool is simply gorgeous, and the asymmetrical precision of the far right dresses make for an intriguing shape.

DSC_0300_caroline 4

Hili also paid attention in this collection to the top part of the pieces; I quite liked the mixture of grey and yellow/white striped dress, and the tulle-like collar is great for dressing up any outfit. There were mixed reactions to the pointed bralet attached to the lush skirt of a slightly different shade, mostly because people think of wearability, but it definitely made an impact!

DSC_0352_Caroline 5

The material of the skirt of the two dresses (on the left) looks exquisite! What about that fringe top! The tulle-like puffed skirt is very princess-like but the colours and the fringe counterbalance by adding an edgy look. Fringe moves to metallic and adds to some serious movement!

DSC_0352_caroline 6

Vertical stripes made an appearance for the monochrome additions; the fit and make of these pieces are both of very good quality. Thank you for piquing our imagination once again Caroline Hili!

Caroline Hili receiving the audience’s applause


Photos courtesy of Mark Soler; check out his website


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