Malta Fashion Week: Ritienne Zammit

Another day, another fashion show. For day 5 of Malta Fashion Week, it was the turn of the uber-talented local designer Ritienne Zammit, whose collection L’Omm li Tatna Isimha* was awe-inspiring, engaging, and skilfully constructed. As the crowd gathered around the Grandmaster’s Palace, the venue for the night, we knew we were in for a treat. Ritienne once again outdid herself and did not disappoint. The ode to Maltese identity was clear as it was emblazoned on almost every piece, from printed dresses to those pieces featuring the visage of well-known figures who left an indelible mark in Maltese history, such as the national poet Dun Karm. It was apt that the national anthem was chosen to announce the start of the show and to mark its end, and during the latter Ritienne walked down the runway with the Maltese flag proudly in hand.

This time round, it was difficult to choose favourites, though the original-shaped bags caught the attention of a number of attendees. The materials chosen included metallics, which contrasted nicely with the dense pink and green furs. I was particularly interested in the play of colours, such as the pinks and greens, and the variations thereof. The reddish suit was a standout piece and its place in the collection is an homage to the same colour in the Maltese flag. Funnily enough, I was drawn to the male (and female) shirts and blazers, but that’s probably because I love the latter items of clothing. I also quite liked the finale piece in grey, and if you look closer you will indeed see a face! I felt that overall, there was cohesion and flow in the pieces presented, and the venue was truly ideal in underscoring the colours, designs, and materials. So to Ritienne, I say Brava!

IMG_3275_Ritienne 1 IMG_3312_Ritienne 2 IMG_3324_Ritienne 3 IMG_3355_Ritienne 5 IMG_3365_ritienne 6

* This is an expression that forms part of the Maltese anthem, and roughly translates into The mother to whom we owe our name, a metaphor for Malta as land and as a nation.

p.s. Let’s not forget the make-up in creating those special effects and adding that extra oomph to the show!

All photos today were shot by yours truly with my camera :))


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